• Football Bingo

    Do you really care if Detroit plays against Cincinnati on Sunday Night? Or if Tampa Bay plays against Arizona on Monday night? Do you care to win prizes while you eat, drink and watch football?

    Well good news! Football Bingo USA is a specially designed game that is made possible through sponsorships with local area bars and restaurants. The game is simple: show up a sponsoring bar or restaurant, grab a free Football Bingo USA player’s card, get a seat where you can see the game, and when the football game starts, start playing Football Bingo. You can win all kinds of prizes! (Did we mention that it’s free to play)?Rate of return! According to an Independent Analysis by a Sales & Marketing firm, or Football Bingo USA players/customers spend an average of $16.85 per person, per event. WE CAN PROVIDE THE EVENT HOSTS FOR YOU AS WELL! Call us for details and pricing. Read More

  • Rules

    A complete list of all rules, calls and definitions is included with the Official Football Bingo USA packet. Read More

  • Get Started!

    Getting started with us is easy! All you have to do is call! Our game is specifically formatted to suit your location. The cards are created with your name, address, logo, food and/or drink specials, sponsors, and more. Then they are either pre-printed on heavy card stock paper, (in color) and mailed to you through UPS or Fed EX, or we will send you a computerized copy for you to print on your own. This usually takes 5 – 7 business days. Read More